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YB2C Live! is the podcast for our company Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C). Our guests offer inspirational and informative messages about their entrepreneurial journeys, discuss overcoming challenges, and tips for success. At YB2C we work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo professionals to improve and enhance their branding, marketing, web and blog design, and social media marketing projects. Visit us online at

Dec 10, 2018


When people, especially women, want to make lifestyle changes, who do they contact and how do they go about it? In today’s episode, we talk to someone who goes much further than just being a personal trainer or a nutritional advisor. Jay Kali helps women to make lifestyle changes that will last.

YB2C Marketing System


Dec 4, 2018


Sofia Klettke is a totally engaging 11-year-old who not only loves animals but has decided she is good at sharing her knowledge of the animal kingdom via videos she makes herself.

She is building a business and Instagram community of other animal lovers while imparting her knowledge and networking with...

Nov 19, 2018


Our guest this week started her career as a social worker, but quickly found out that social justice and social entrepreneurship were her true callings. So five years ago, along with two co-founders, she started a crowdfunding platform specifically to help develop the good works of Muslims from around the...

Nov 12, 2018



Mama Coo's Boutique

Mama Coo’s Boutique is a unique store located in Southwest Detroit that specializes in selling items by local artisans and also imported from Africa, Mexico, and Central America. The owner, Alana Rodriguez is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and has a degree in political science from the University of Michigan. So how...

Nov 5, 2018



Roots To Rise Detroit Logo


A native Detroiter sees a need for nonprofits and small businesses in her city to have an opportunity to take advantage of creative marketing strategies that they may not otherwise have available to them, so she creates a company that helps those businesses and companies achieve their maximum...