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YB2C Live! is the podcast for our company Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C). Our guests offer inspirational and informative messages about their entrepreneurial journeys, discuss overcoming challenges, and tips for success. At YB2C we work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo professionals to improve and enhance their branding, marketing, web and blog design, and social media marketing projects. Visit us online at



The YB2C Premium Program is a self-paced online course designed to help you to learn the why and how of branding and marketing for your solo, creative, or small business. By the end of the complete course (6-12 months, depending on your schedule), you will have a complete marketing plan to use to grow your business.


Oct 9, 2017

For the month of August, YB2C Live! will be focusing on entrepreneurs whose businesses promote health and wellness. For this episode, Pamela Hilliard Owens and Keith Owens sit down with Dr. Jesse Brown of Detroit Wholistic Center and Wholistic Training Institute.

Detroit Wholistic Center provides, natural solutions for...

Oct 9, 2017

For the months of September and October, YB2C Live! Is focusing on urban farmers and agribusinesses.  In this episode, Pam and Keith sit down with Malik Yakini of D-Town Farm.

D-Town Farm was founded by a collective of people all with a mission to create a comprehensive food policy in the city.

D-Town has a total of 7...

Oct 9, 2017

For the month of September, YB2C Live! has been focusing on entrepreneurs who plant, grow, and harvest food, flowers and other live, natural items. In this episode, Pam and Keith sit down with Ryan Anderson of Acre Detroit.

Acre Detroit is an urban farm that was founded in 2012 by Ryan Anderson and Anna Clarke.


Oct 9, 2017

In this episode of YB2C Live! is keeping with the fall harvest theme of the month that focuses on entrepreneurs who plant, grow, and harvest food, flowers, and other natural items. Pam and Keith sit down with Jerry Hebron of Oakland Avenue Urban Farm.

Oakland Avenue Urban Farm is a non-profit,...