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YB2C Live! is the podcast for our company Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C). Our guests offer inspirational and informative messages about their entrepreneurial journeys, discuss overcoming challenges, and tips for success. At YB2C we work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo professionals to improve and enhance their branding, marketing, web and blog design, and social media marketing projects. Visit us online at



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Dec 18, 2017

Welcome to Episode 31 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, brought to you by our company, Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C). We work with entrepreneurs, freelance business owners, solo and creative professionals, and small business owners on their branding, marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, and productivity projects. 

Our special guest for today's episode is Timothy Price, manager of the Detroit location of the Happier Camper company. Timothy tells us all about his journey to this unique business, located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, which sells customized campers that are built for each customer right here in the USA. Timothy and I met at the Green Garage Detroit, a co-working community that hosts a weekly Community Networking Lunch.  

Timothy describes his career journey from musician to freelance music producer, to sales and how everything he's done in his life has prepared him for this new exciting small business venture.

Timothy also discusses how and why social media marketing and face-to-face networking is so important to the success of his business. 

Listen to this podcast for this interesting story of entrepreneurship and business ownership, including the importance of telliing your story and ensuring that you are always "out there" for prospects and customers. 

You can find out more about Happier Camper on their website, where you can also find their social media links for Facebook and Instagram. 

Happier Camper Detroit
1244 Beech St.
Detroit, MI 48226
M-F 10am-6pm
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