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Aug 11, 2020


Welcome to the YB2C Podcast for Entrepreneurs, Season 4, Episode #201, featuring our special guest, Tisha Davis, the CEO of DesignJunkieTees, a graphic design and customized clothing company. Tisha recently took the leap of faith and transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship.

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Historic Boston-Edison District in Detroit, Michigan.

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About Our Guest

Tisha has a Bachelor's Degree, a Master's Degree, and a certification in entrepreneurship essentials from Harvard Business School online. Tisha says that when you work for someone else, you are helping them with their vision, but when you work for yourself, you are achieving your own vision.

Tisha is a graphic designer, a content marketer, a clothing designer, a speaker, a marketer, and a singer. Tisha was an entrepreneur, then into the corporate sector, then into the nonprofit sector, and then back to corporate, and now she is again a full-time entrepreneur.

Tisha’s father was an entrepreneur, and following his example, she now uses all of those skills and expertise with her own company.


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What Our Guest Talked About

Tisha believes that even during this pandemic, we have to be marketers because that’s what we do. Her business allows her to design—her favorite thing—and make her dreams come true.

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Words of Wisdom

Tisha has a couple of words of wisdom: 1) Just get started and learn what you need to know along the way. 2) Connect with other people who are doing similar things and ask a million questions. 3) Get a team together and have your team members handle what you’re not good at.

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