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Jul 16, 2018

Keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Alison Vaughn founded Jackets for Jobs 18 years ago to empower individuals to enter into the workforce by supplying job seekers with professional clothing to get and keep jobs.


Welcome to Episode #58 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Every week we discuss the entrepreneurial journey, including interviews with business owners of all sizes from Detroit and all over the world who share their stories to give you inspiration, motivation, and tips for overcoming challenges and achieving success for your business.


Alison Vaughn is a triple threat advocate and inspiration: keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur. She founded Jackets for Jobs 18 years ago to help those who wish to make their way into the workforce, but don’t have the assets to to do so.


Today, Jackets for Jobs has supplied 25,000 Detroit job seekers with professional attire to open doors to new job opportunities.


Jackets for Jobs has two offices in Detroit, one on the eastside and one on the westside. In addition to these very accessible locations, Jackets for Jobs has become a global company; Jackets for Jobs also assists job seekers in Botswana, South Africa.


Jackets for Jobs’ mission relates to everyone, no matter your background. It is a fact that everyone needs some kind of income, some kind of way to support themselves and their families. Alison’s company gives individuals the ability to be self sufficient.


When someone looks good, they feel good, they feel confident. Jackets for Jobs has a partnership with TJ Maxx and as well as accepting clean, hung, in season donations.


Alison is also an author, she recently wrote the book “Miss Goal Digger.” This book is geared toward women, in hopes of inspiring women to set goals and make them attainable.


Alison hopes to be a positive role model through her speaking, authorship, and entrepreneurial engagements.



Alison Vaughn

Keynote Speaker

Author & Entrepreneur

For appearances, speaking engagements and media inquiries, contact:

(313) 579-9160 or by email


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