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Jul 2, 2019

Michigan Women Forward

Detroit-based Nonprofit Executive Director oversees programs that help female entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Season 3, Episode #129 of the YB2C Live Podcast for Entrepreneurs! Our special guest this week is Dr. Joyce Suber, the executive director of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Initiative of the Michigan Women Forward, a division of the Michigan Women’s Forum. We rarely highlight nonprofit organizations on our podcast, but this organization is unique because of the programs it has to assist female entrepreneurs.

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About Our Guest

Dr. Joyce Suber is not an entrepreneur herself, but her organization offers a lot of help to women entrepreneurs, the fastest-growing business sector in the United States. In this episode, she explains that her nonprofit organization, Michigan Women Forward, operates on three fundamental pillars: 1) the youth program that works with girls aged 8 - 18, 2) social justice, including projects such as getting almost twelve thousand rape kits processed and seventy serial rapists prosecuted, and 3) the entrepreneurial initiative, that empowers mostly women, but some men, to start their own businesses, offering business loans, training, and other support services.

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What Our Guest Talked About

Dr. Suber gave some examples of the types of programs offered by the Women’s Entrepreneurial Initiative, including statewide summits around Michigan, pitch competitions, courses in leadership and business planning, and training for the other skill sets that budding entrepreneurs need, especially “underground entrepreneurs” working out of their homes.

Her organization also offers microloans of as little as $1,000.00, although she prefers loans of $2,500.00 to $50,000.00. Since 2014, the Michigan Women Forward organization has loaned out over $2.8 million.

Words of Wisdom

Dr. Suber says she truly believes in the adage about being a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” She advises that entrepreneurs get their wins from the things that they master.

Michigan Women Forward

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