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Jul 30, 2019

Queenies Coloring Book

Welcome to Season 3, Episode #135 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs, featuring our special guest, Thai Ma’at Cromer from Stone Mountain Georgia; a children’s coloring book creator, a Kemetic yoga practitioner, and a life coach. 

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Green Garage Coworking Community in Midtown Detroit.


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About Our Guest

Thai is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who calls herself an independent nomad, which is also the name of her blog dedicated to yoga, travel, and life mastery for Black culture. She is dedicated to uplifting the African and African-American culture, especially for children.

Her primary product for children is a coloring book named “Queenie’s Coloring Book” that she designed to showcase the beauty of Black women and girls with natural hair so that they can see themselves in a positive light.

Thai is also a Kemetic yoga practitioner; this yoga lineage hails from Africa, and from Egypt in particular. If you look closely at some of the paintings in the pyramids, you will see people in specific poses that are meant to energize the body and spirit.


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What Our Guest Talked About

Thai has a graphic design background that enabled her to draw all of the pictures in her coloring books from her memories of family members while using her imagination to accentuate certain features.

Thai discussed how she maximizes digital marketing, craft fairs, and her Etsy shop for selling her coloring books and other Afrocentric products.

Words of Wisdom

Thai recommends that all entrepreneurs know their vision and act on it consistently. Realize what resources you already have and work with them to grow your brand and grow your business.

Find out more about Thai Ma'at Cromer on Facebook.


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