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Sep 24, 2019

Swint Logistics 

Welcome to Season 3, Episode #149 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs, featuring our special guest, Cherri Harris, the founder and CEO of the Swint Logistics Group in Detroit, Michigan. Cherri’s first career was as a nurse, then she became one of only a few women long-distance truck drivers, and eventually opened her own full-service logistics company.

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Green Garage Coworking Community in Midtown Detroit.

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About Our Guest

Cherri was a nurse living in Georgia when she decided to completely change careers and become a truck driver. Step-by-step she added various certifications and endorsements to her trucking resume’, and later, with fifteen years of experience behind her, started her own trucking business.

Although as a woman in a non-traditional industry for women, Cherri continued to grow her business, following her business plan, and finding areas in her industry that were lacking where she could fill in the gaps.

One of her expansions included starting a training center in less-known parts of the trucking arena.


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What Our Guest Talked About

Cherri discussed how she has successfully navigated growing her business to be in a position to receive larger, often multi-million-dollar contracts by establishing relationships, entering into valuable partnerships, doing her due diligence, and being prepared when the opportunities arrived.

Words of Wisdom

Cherri advises our listeners to keep the faith, have lots of cheerleaders in your corner, and to follow the mantra of “Nemo” in the famous movie and “Just Keep Swimming!”


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