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Sep 19, 2017

For the month of September, as the fall harvest season approaches, YB2C Live! will be focusing on entrepreneurs who plant, grow, and harvest food, flowers, and other live natural items. This episode’s special guest is Susan McCabe of Ribbon Farm Hops.

Ribbon Farm Hops is a business in residence at Green Garage in Midtown, Detroit — where YB2C Live! does its recording!

Ribbon Farm Hops grows and sells hops for beer making purposes, among other uses.

  • Susan gives a brief history of hops, which dates back centuries; historically, hops has been used in beer, and for medicinal and calming purposes.
  • Susan didn’t start out working in the hops business, she was actually a history museum curator for over 30 years. This experience, while seemingly unrelated, was very helpful in naming and forming her later business.
  • Her love for gardening, explained Susan, is what drove her into the hops business; she soon found that the business was starting to boom in Michigan.
  • Susan explains the process she took to get into the business, and how her friends were a great help through the operation.
  • The Michigan Women’s Foundation Entrepreneur YOU contest played a huge role in helping Susan write her business plan and get things started, says Susan.
  • Susan outlines the technical process of the hops business, and the cooperation of Batch Brewery in Corktown.
  • Ribbon Farm Hops has worked with Motor City Brewing, with Downey, in Detroit and in Dearborn, and Fort Street Brewery in Lincoln Park. They are now on their fifth season, and they continue to grow and teach Susan and the other Ribbon Farms Hops family new things constantly.
  • Ribbon Farm Hops is just one of many hops growers that helps make Michigan the fifth largest hops grower in the country.


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