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Sep 19, 2017

In this episode of YB2C Live! the fall harvest season is upon us. We are focusing on entrepreneurs who plant, grow, and harvest food, flowers and other live, natural items. Pam and Keith sat down with Sarah Pappas of Fresh Cut Flower Farm.

Fresh Cut Flower Farm is a flower farm in the Woodbridge neighborhood that grows and sells flowers of all types, providing services to customers, florists, and the community.

  • Sarah describes her involvement in the farming business for the past ten years, including work with non-profits.
  • Sarah talks the difference between gardeners of flowers, and gardeners of food.
  • Diversity is key in Sarah’s flower farm, she says.
  • Fresh Cut is not the only flower farm in Detroit, Sarah says, noting her competition in the city, as well as the other growers at a state level.
  • Sarah explains how she lives her life by the seasons, working harder in the summer so she can work less in the winter.
  • It’s not all fun and flowers, says Sarah, as she explains the business and administrative tasks she must handle for Fresh Cut.
  • Sarah outlines the services Fresh Cut provides, including services for weddings.
  • Sarah explains what it’s like to farm in the city, and how she gets the best of both worlds: her lovely farm life, and close proximity to the wonders of the city.
  • Sarah talks marketing strategies, and how she has utilized the visual aspect of her work to her advantage.
  • It is Sarah’s goal that Fresh Cut will help Detroit continue to get involved in the urban agricultural movement.
  • Sarah reminds the listeners that Fresh Cut Flower Farm is at the corner of Forest and Rosa Parks in Detroit, and they are open to the public every Thursday from 4:00 to 8:00 pm during the season, May through October. No appointment necessary. No purchase necessary.


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