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YB2C Live! is the podcast for our company Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C). Our guests offer inspirational and informative messages about their entrepreneurial journeys, discuss overcoming challenges, and tips for success. At YB2C we work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo professionals to improve and enhance their branding, marketing, web and blog design, and social media marketing projects. Visit us online at



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Feb 7, 2018

Welcome to Episode #37 of YB2C Live!, the podcast for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers, brought to you by Your Business Your Brand Creatively, our company that works with the branding, marketing, copywriting, communications, and productivity projects with our clients locally and worldwide.

We record the podcast every Thursday from our studio in the Green Garage Detroit Co-Working Community in Midtown Detroit.

Our special guest today is Nefertiti Harris, owner of Textures Natural Hair and Skin Salon located in Midtown Detroit. In this episode, Nefertiti describes her journey to entrepreneurship, starting when she was a model, then working out of her home so she could care for her young son, and later, after being in two other locations, opening her current shop.

Natural hair care is big business, but Nefertiti tells us how she has deliberately designed her salon to be a quiet, intimate, and healing space. She offers a variety of services in her shop, and all of her stylists and estheticians are independent contractors, not employees. Nefertiti explains why that difference is very important for entrepreneurs to know.

Nefertiti expounds on the ups and downs of starting, growing, and maintaining a small business in a big city like Detroit, and how her business is dealing with all of the recent growth spurts in downtown and Midtown.

Textures by Nefertiti Salon is located right around the corner from my office in the Green Garage near Wayne State University and I was very honored and excited to have Nefertiti Harris as my guest for this episode. Please click the player link to download and listen to this wonderful and informative interview with a successful entrepreneur who has built an iconic business in Detroit:

Address: 4147 Cass, Detroit, MI 48201

Telephone: (313) 831-4771





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