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Oct 8, 2018

Episode Summary:

What does “Workplace Wellness” mean and why is it an important topic? Our guest for Episode #70 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs explains “Workplace Wellness” and how she formed a business consultancy that works with companies to improve the health of their employees.

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About Our Guest:

Vivian Acquah lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and her first career was as a Financial and IT Consultant. But after having her son, gaining a lot of weight, dealing with unhappiness, and missing her grandmother who died of diabetes type 2 in 2009, she found herself looking for a greater purpose for her life. During her quest to change her own feelings, to stop the vicious cycle of diabetes in her family, and to educate about using food as medicine, Vivian realized that she could fulfill her purpose and reach more people at their workplace where they spend a lot of their time.

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Important Points from Our Interview:

Our guest made these important points:

  • Healthy eating starts with making healthy food choices
  • Getting enough sleep is just as important as eating the right foods
  • Through her consulting work, Vivian rebranded herself as the “Workplace Wellness Advocate”

Success Tip from Vivian Acquah:

In the words of Dr. Maya Angelou, “You are a phenomenal woman.” Even though I am a 6’1” woman with purple hair, through my company I stopped trying to be invisible and started living my purpose and helping others live their best lives.

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