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Nov 19, 2018


Our guest this week started her career as a social worker, but quickly found out that social justice and social entrepreneurship were her true callings. So five years ago, along with two co-founders, she started a crowdfunding platform specifically to help develop the good works of Muslims from around the world.

About Our Guest

Amany Killawi is the 26-year-old co-founder of Launchgood, a global crowdfunding platform for Muslims. She and her company are the perfect examples of the paradigm “Find a need and fill it.” There were already several crowdfunding platforms already available, including Kickstarter and GoFundMe, but none addressed the particular niche and needs of the global Muslim community. Amany and her co-founders, Chris and Ahmad, not only wanted to develop this special platform, but their overall mission was to showcase the good works of Muslims to help combat the negative stereotypes so prevalent today. With a background in community organizing, Amany knew how difficult it is to get funding for grassroots projects in general. Amany stated that there are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, and over 400 niche crowdfunding sites, but there was nothing available for her particular community. Building something from scratch has been incredibly difficult, especially for something so different from what was already available.

Important Points from Our Guest

Amany talked about some of the many lessons she has learned in the past five years of growing Launchgood:

  • In the first few months of your business, you have to give yourself space to have “awkward beginnings.”
  • Always keep your overall mission in mind: for Launchgood, it is Muslims doing good works in their community and beyond.
  • Using the business to change the narrative through crowdfunding and storytelling.

What You Will Learn in this Podcast

This episode will take you on a fascinating journey about how three very young people become social entrepreneurs and built a worldwide crowdfunding platform around a unique niche and special community.

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