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Dec 4, 2018


Sofia Klettke is a totally engaging 11-year-old who not only loves animals but has decided she is good at sharing her knowledge of the animal kingdom via videos she makes herself.

She is building a business and Instagram community of other animal lovers while imparting her knowledge and networking with others.

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About Our Guest

Since Sofia was born, she has enjoyed being outside. Her parents had always supported her curiosity for the world. Because she is homeschooled between Oregon and the Czech Republic, she’s had time to learn, wonder, and pour over educational films and documentaries.  Sofia was only three years old when she made her first documentary about horned lizards for her family.

Sofia created “SofiasSpotlight” when she was just seven years old. She transferred her show to Instagram where she found her audience. Earlier this year, Sofia’s got her dream volunteer job at High Desert Museum, a Smithsonian’s affiliate, where she playfully educates visitors at the Living History. In the future, Sofia hopes to have her own full-length documentary show.

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What Our Guest Talked About

Sofia discussed how she informed and educated other students in her homeschooling group and people in general before she went online. Sofia said that she’s very comfortable talking to groups, but when she went on her mom’s Facebook account, she found only adults. She moved her show to Instagram and found a community of like-minded kids closer to her age. People see and like and comment on her videos and Sofia is quite proud that she has organically grown her followers to over 600. Her goal is to have 1,000 followers by next spring.

Follow Sofia's Instagram Account: @sofiasspotlight

What You’ll Learn in the Podcast

When you listen to this informative episode, you’ll hear how Sofia makes and posts her videos, why she loves what she does, and how she is growing her business as a kidpreneur until she is old enough (in high school) to take things even further and start making full-length documentaries.

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