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Dec 17, 2018

Dr. Ingrid Macon 


Welcome to Episode #79 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs! We are happy to welcome our guest today, Dr. Ingrid Macron, an educator with the Detroit Public Schools and the owner of the Detroit Teachers’ Store, with educational resources for teachers, parents, community groups and scholars, and the store of its kind in the city.

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About Our Guest

At the time of this recording, Dr. Macron just finished her Ph.D. within the past two weeks! Congratulations! Ingrid calls herself an “educational entrepreneur,” because she actually started her first educational company in 2015, a math games company. But as an educator, Ingrid also realized that parents also needed a place to go for products and services to help their children with their education. There were no stores of this type in Detroit, so Ingrid started one herself. She saw a need in the city and filled it! The store has items for all ages and grade levels, including hands-on materials for math, science, English, and the arts. Dr. Macron ensures that her materials reflect the needs and reality of the African-American students in the majority-black City of Detroit.

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What Our Guest Talked About

Dr. Macron teaches GED students, so she realizes that there are so many students who just didn’t learn what they needed to learn during their former school experience, and her store is designed to help teachers and parents help students succeed before they drop out of high school. Ingrid discussed how she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, including how she wanted a cash register for a Christmas gift when she was only in the third grade.



What You’ll Hear in This Episode

Ingrid details the journey she made from selling at sidewalk sales to opening her own brick-and-mortar retail location, and what her plans are moving forward.

Find out more about Dr. Ingrid Macron and The Detroit Teachers’ Store at the website here.

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