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Mar 21, 2017

This episode’s special guest is Ms. Fatima Omar Khamissa from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Pam first met Fatima last spring via a mutual friend in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and was a guest on her radio show last summer.

Fatima is a shining example of a woman entrepreneur who started her adult life one way, and due to later circumstances, totally remade herself and her life to the best it could be through hard work and dedication to her family.

Fatima’s story is so interesting, inspiring, and motivating.

Her family moved from South Africa to escape apartheid in the 1980s. She married into a wealthy and influential family, only to escape years later as the marriage became abusive. Fatima just left with her five children, including one child with cerebral palsy, and had to start her life all over again.

Fatima found herself on welfare, but with the goal of making a new life for herself and her children AND helping, counseling, and teaching other women, especially Muslim women, how they too can be spiritually, personally, and professionally fulfilled while still staying true to their faith and culture.

Today, Fatima is an internationally renowned and award-winning speaker and entrepreneur, and a best-selling author.

Fatima’s story is an inspiring one that demonstrates how even through the darkest of circumstances, one can always rise from the ashes!


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