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Feb 25, 2020

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The most transformational book you read is going to be the one that you write.~~Vickie Gould

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 189 of the #YB2CLive Podcast for Entrepreneurs, featuring our special guest, Michigan-based Vickie Gould, ‘The Words Lady,” a storytelling marketing and book coach.

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Green Garage Coworking Community in Midtown Detroit.

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About Our Guest

Vickie works with clients to help them share their stories worldwide, create more impact, create a legacy, and turn their readers into clients.

Vickie talks about how she became an entrepreneur, partially because she refused to accept the usual hopeless ramifications of Lyme disease she contracted. She decided to mange her disease herself, re-brand her life and her business, and set about helping others to change their lives and the lives of others through the writing and marketing of their books.

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What Our Guest Talked About

When Vickie works with her clients, she takes them from conception, through story structure, through putting their story together in the most impactful way, and then marketing their books, usually to best-seller status.

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Words of Wisdom

Vickie says: “The life you save with the story you share nay very well be your own.” Just jump in and do it even before you’re ready.

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