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May 23, 2017

Our special guest this week is Audra Carson, “the tire nerd”, founder of De-Tread. De-Tread is a company based out of Detroit that dedicates its time to cleaning up the streets of Detroit by reusing and recycling the large mounds of tires that have been dumped around the city.

  • Audra explains that she didn’t choose De-Tread, it chose her. Audra attended college at Olivet, and originally pursued a career at MetLife as a business analyst before forming De-Tread.
  • Audra was inspired by HGTV to begin cleaning up the tires that were dumped in her hometown community.
  • In 2009, De-Tread was formed, focusing on health and safety in the communities of Detroit, as well as innovative new ways to use the excess of tires. Audra explains that “tread” is an acronym that stands for Tires Recycling Education Art Design.
  • Audra’s second company is Izzie Logistics and Distribution. Izzie focuses on strategic beautification.
  • Audra tells us that De-Tread is focused on people, profit, and planet. She hopes that through her work she will be able to create a sustainable and environmentally-minded business, that also creates jobs for the people.


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