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Nov 5, 2018



Roots To Rise Detroit Logo


A native Detroiter sees a need for nonprofits and small businesses in her city to have an opportunity to take advantage of creative marketing strategies that they may not otherwise have available to them, so she creates a company that helps those businesses and companies achieve their maximum positive social impact.

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About Our Guest

For Episode #72 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs, we welcome Kelsey Hubbell, an entrepreneur who has created socially conscious companies that celebrate Detroit while offering creative marketing services to businesses and nonprofit organizations. Kelsey is the founder and CEO of two businesses: “Detroit Up North” which plans and executes fun events in northern Michigan for Detroiters, and “Roots to Rise Detroit,” an event planning and marketing and communications consultancy targeting small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She considers herself a social entrepreneur with both of her companies. Kelsey specializes in working with businesses and nonprofits that want to give back to our community, but often lack the funding or the marketing knowledge to get the word out.

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Important Points from Our Guest

Kelsey does a lot of running around during the day for her companies, including client meetings and site visits. She keeps lots of lists in her notebooks and prefers pen and paper over digital task management apps.

She grew up on the east side of Detroit and attended Catholic school, but her entire family has always been involved in working with businesses and nonprofits in Detroit, so her entrepreneurial trajectory came naturally. Her entire family has been advocating for an equitable and sustainable city for as long as she can remember.

Words of Wisdom from Our Guest

Now that she is past her first year with her second company, Kelsey is looking forward to figuring what works and what didn’t work. She enjoys being informed and then helping to inform others about social entrepreneurship.


Roots to Rise Detroit:

Detroit Up North

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