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YB2C Live! is the podcast for our company Your Business Your Brand Creatively (YB2C). Our guests offer inspirational and informative messages about their entrepreneurial journeys, discuss overcoming challenges, and tips for success. At YB2C we work with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo professionals to improve and enhance their branding, marketing, web and blog design, and social media marketing projects. Visit us online at



The YB2C Premium Program is a self-paced online course designed to help you to learn the why and how of branding and marketing for your solo, creative, or small business. By the end of the complete course (6-12 months, depending on your schedule), you will have a complete marketing plan to use to grow your business.


Oct 22, 2018


Episode Summary:

“Getting started as an entrepreneur” comes in many forms. Sometimes, what you did as a young child accidentally exposes your natural gifts that you later make into a profitable business. Sometimes, not being good in school leads to later being excellent in business. Those were the entrepreneurial paths of this week’s guest.

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About our guest, Adil Amarsi:

Adil Amarsi is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, and copywriter based in London in the United Kingdom. As a young teen, he would go to his father’s office after school and write stories. Later, when he had a one-hour commute to school each way, he continued writing more stories and writing poetry. Even later, he realized working for someone else wasn’t working for him, and he started his own copywriting company. He eventually became one of the best copywriters around. He added blogging, podcasting, and affiliate product sales to his repertoire and had his biggest successes writing ad copy for very large companies.

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Important Points Made by Our Guest:

  • If you follow your instincts to become an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid of failing
  • His podcast is one of his most favorite things to do; he automates the system and batches the recording sessions
  • It is more effective and efficient to plan the whole week than to just plan the day, especially if you have a specific set of tasks or a focus for each day of the week

Success Tips from Our Guest:

Take at least one full “day off” from your business. No client work, no email, no meetings, no nothing except non-business activities. Learn to let go and clear your mind and take care of other things in your life.

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